In The Pink: 10 Tips To Keep You There

Want to stay in the pink of health? Even small changes to your routine can help keep you fit and well. See what improvements you can make from these healthy suggestions.

Eat well and keep hydrated too. Dark urine is a sign your body needs more fluids.

Sleep well. Not enough sleep makes you vulnerable to illness.

Exercise doesn’t have to be painful, brisk walks or using the stairs all help. Plan it and make it a habit!

Minimise stress. Let yourself relax—a smile does help your health.

Don’t smoke it weakens the immune system.

Wash your hands with soap and water regularly. Preventing many serious illnesses can be surprisingly simple.

Have a flu jab. You need one every year as the viruses keep changing.

Remember your pharmacist, they can advise and sometimes prescribe with no GP appointment needed.

Keep warm in winter it can prevent minor and more serious illness too.

Enjoy life and stay in touch – a positive attitude really helps keep you in the pink!

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