Quids In: Ten ways to strike it rich

Want to be quids in? Here are ten suggestions to keep your finances shipshape and increase them too!

Make some changes to make a difference…

1. Find out if you’re missing out on benefits, millions goes unclaimed every year.

2. Ring the Energy Helpline for advice on fuel bills. If it’s better to switch they’ll do it for you 0800 977 4498.

3. Shop around for insurance. Companies will compete to offer the lowest rate whatever your age. Don’t be afraid to ask.

4. Avoid pre-payment meters, billed payment by direct debit is usually cheaper.

5. Use local market stalls not supermarkets and don’t grocery shop on an empty stomach!

6. Consider a pay as you go mobile phone instead of a contract tariff.

7. Use loyalty schemes, vouchers and coupons. But don’t impulse buy—sleep on it.

8. Shopping online for large items can save money, use comparison websites to find the best deal.

9. Sell unwanted items on eBay. List them for free, you pay a small commission if they sell.

10. Develop a money ‘head’. It literally pays to work out the best ways to use your money, and how you might keep more of it – you’ll be quids in !

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