Socialising – 10 Reasons Why It’s Good For You

Socialising is good for you. There are many ways to socialise. Whether you take up a hobby, join a community group, or just meet up with friends having a social life plays an important role in staying healthy, active and well.

Here are ten good reasons why socialising helps us get more from life.

1. It is fun – connect with the people around you.

2. Makes you more active – find an activity you enjoy.

3. You feel you belong and are part of the group.

4. Promotes self-esteem – be proud of what you achieve.

5. Mental stimulation – help your memory, share knowledge and learn.

6. It gives structure to your day.

7. You give – your friendship to others.

8. It reduces stress – it helps to focus on things outside yourself.

9. Combats loneliness – and can help ease depression.

10. Makes you healthier – boosting your mood helps strengthen your immune system.

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