Beating the blues – the practical steps

Beating the blues – make a start

Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.” Douglas Adams


Find something that interests you

There are groups and clubs for a host of activities in the area often with social events or outings. Learn something new, contribute your own expertise or just enjoy the company. Ring them in advance— if they know you’re coming there’ll be a welcome waiting.

See Golden Guide pages 6-34


Sport and exercise

Science proves that being physically active makes you feel good. So try it at your own pace. From chair exercise and gentle walks through cycling, swimming, dance or a breeze round the gym—it all helps. Join a group and it’s a social outing too!

See Golden Guide pages 22-26



This is a wonderful way to help others, feel like you’re part of something and take you out of yourself. Many charities rely on staunch volunteers to run their increasingly important services. Choose your charity and make a difference.

See Golden Guide pages 30-32


Befriending Schemes

In later life loss of a partner, retirement, a long term health condition or loss of mobility begin to happen and can lead to loneliness and isolation for many.

A growing number of befriending schemes, organised by local groups are now helping out by way of home visits, chatty telephone calls or trips out. Contact them if you know someone who would benefit or you’d like to volunteer yourself.

See Golden Guide pages 78-80



Not everyone is keen to go digital. If you’ve been wary so far—give it a try – the basics may be easier than you think and email, Skype and Facebook are great ways to keep in touch. If you don’t have internet access visit a library for a computer and some help.

See Golden Guide pages 28-29



Lack of transport can be a big barrier to getting out and about. If you’re not a car driver look into your options—if you’re eligible get a bus pass or taxi tokens, and seek out low cost community transport services who might be able to help.

See Golden Guide pages 34-39


Enjoy yourself

Laughter is a great remedy for all kinds of conditions. It can boost the immune system, burn calories and help to relieve pain. So go on – have a good laugh!