Credit Union (CUSEN) puts customer first

The Credit Union of South East Northumberland (CUSEN) has a reputation not only for reliability and solid money advice, but for putting customers first in all their dealings.


Community Banking – always on your side

CUSEN credit union is a “not-for-profit” organisation. They can help with savings accounts, insurance and low cost loans and they can help you access practical schemes to help spread the cost of large or unexpected purchases.

Their loans are flexible with low rates of interest, which can be repaid at an affordable rate. They offer payroll deductions so you don’t miss the small amount.  When you save they guarantee that your savings are secure, protected, and can always be accessed easily.

Whether you save or borrow the Credit Union will always look for the best way to help you afford your purchase or pay back your loan.



Where can I make my payments?

Members join for £2, and agree to save into their account from as little as £1 per week.

It’s a quick and easy process. Simply call into your nearest office or collection point and the staff will do the rest for you.

There are offices in Blyth and Ashington, but they also cover the greater Northumberland area


CUSEN Credit Union offers a sensible low-cost way to manage your money and you’ll get tailor-made advice to suit your circumstances too!


For more details see

 Or ring 01670 797283 or 07434239687

Or email

Or call in, or write to Eric Tolhurst Centre, 3-13 Quay Road, Blyth, Northumberland, NE24 2AS


See Golden Guide pages 100 -104 for  CUSEN and more money advice and help.

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