Charlotte Straker appeal for free respite care

Charlotte Straker Trust is launching a vital fundraising appeal for a brand new respite care bed on Wed 7th September 2016 at 2.30pm.

The bed will provide nursing care to local people, to allow their carers to have a much needed break.

Accessing respite care is becoming more difficult in the North East, due to cuts in funding. However, breaks are vital for family caregivers as the physical, emotional and financial consequences of caring can be overwhelming without some support.

The bed is scheduled to be open from 1st January 2017, and the Charlotte Straker Trust is confident that they will be able to raise £120,000 that is necessary to fund one respite care bed for three years initially, as a pilot project.

Bill Cunningham, Chairman of the Charlotte Straker Trust, said, “The Trustees of our charity asked the local community what they currently required and they told us that respite care is an essential need. The launch of this appeal means that local carers will have more opportunity to take a much needed break, with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their relatives will have excellent care. The Charlotte Straker Trust has set out to meet that need by fundraising to launch a respite bed on 1st January 2017.”

Sharon Spurling, Chief Executive of Carers Northumberland added “I am delighted to support Charlotte Straker’s appeal for a community respite care bed. For many in the community, the challenges of caring for an elderly, chronically ill, or disabled family member are simply a part of daily life. Raising funds for a new community respite bed is a really vital appeal.”

On Wednesday 7th September at 2.30 pm, Sharon Spurling, Chief Executive of Carers Northumberland will officially open the fundraising appeal at Charlotte Straker House in Corbridge.

Representatives from local GP surgeries, district nurses, social workers, community groups, local residents and businesses will attend to learn more about the appeal, the proposed respite care room and how the service will be run and organised.


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More information

Ø  The Charlotte Straker Trust is a unique charity that provides outstanding residential care for the frail and elderly in Northumberland, regardless of residents’ personal financial situation.

Ø  The Charlotte Straker Trust will provide one community respite bed for local people to provide respite for carers/hard pressed families. We wish to provide this service free to users, subject to evaluation, initially for 3 years. Each nursing room costs us £40,000 per year to provide. Thus we have to raise £120k for the 3 yrs.

Ø  The Charlotte Straker Trust has set aside one room to offer a short-term respite care package, subject to availability, for either nursing or residential clients who do not require long stay or permanent admission to a care home.  This room is fully equipped and on the ground floor in the Graham Grant wing.


For more information on Care and Carers please see the Golden Guide Northumberland, pages 84-94