Moneymaker – prune your spending

Manage your budget

Being good with money means knowing exactly what you’re spending it on. Work out your costs over the year and keep an eye on them. Allow enough for expenses like holidays or Christmas and treats now and then. Save at least a little every month for emergencies.


Don’t be a secret spender

Be aware of over-spending without thinking, e.g. supermarket 2 for 1 deals are only a deal if you were going to buy the item in the first place. To avoid temptation make a list and stick to it, use cash – only take enough for what you need, and don’t shop for groceries when you’re hungry!


Are you missing out?

Millions goes unclaimed in benefits every year. Attendance Allowance in particular is frequently misunderstood, but if you have extra costs because of long term illness or disability then you may be eligible. You don’t have to spend it on care, it doesn’t matter what your income is and it’s tax free. To check on this and other benefits such as Pension Credit visit your local CAB or contact Age UK Northumberland on 01670 784821.  See pages 105 – 109 in the Golden Guide Northumberland, 2018 and see pages 90-92 in the Golden Guide Newcastle & North Tyneside 2017.


Remember to book early

Planes, trains and buses all have a quota of seats they will sell for the lowest price and then prices increase over a matter of weeks or sometimes days, so get booked in as early as possible.


Grow your own food

Growing your own fruit and veg reduces your food spend, is very rewarding and a great way to keep fit too. Seeds are inexpensive and instead of buying new pots – re-use old colanders, teapots, buckets or sinks. Great compost can be made from vegetable leftovers, grass cuttings and autumn leaves. If you have no garden – try growing on windowsills, balcony or just in the kitchen. You can even make money by selling on extra plants.


A man who both spends and saves money is the happiest man, because he has both enjoyments.
Samuel Johnson


Cut your heating costs

Switch energy suppliers, the Energy Helpline advise on this and can even do it for you ring 0300 123 1234. You can also hang thermal curtains, stick radiator foil behind radiators to maximise heat output, fit draught excluder round your windows and doors. See pages 48-49 in the Golden Guide Northumberland 2018 or see pages 46-47 in the Golden Guide Newcastle & North Tyneside, 2017  for energy advice, grants and the Oil Can energy bulk buying scheme in Northumberland.


Mobile phone tariffs

The phone networks compete fiercely for your business so give them a ring and see if you can get a cheaper deal. If you already have a decent phone handset, SIM-only tariffs are excellent value for money.


Check your insurance quote

As with phone tariffs, shop around for insurance too. Whether it’s for your car or household contents, don’t be afraid to ask—they are used to competing to offer the best rates. Stand by the well known saying ‘shy bairns get nowt’


Shop online and use voucher codes

Online comparison sites can show you the best price for a product, voucher codes can cut the cost even more. Find vouchers on sites such as, or

Sometimes you can print them out and take them to the shop itself. Also look for free delivery vouchers—these can be worth more than money off the product itself.


Work the web safely

There are countless online sites offering money-saving information. Good ones should be up to date and offer plenty of hints and tips – try, and

But whatever you’re looking for there may be scam sites offering products, advice and fraudulent deals. So before you start surfing read this excellent guide to spotting fakes at

And remember if an offer seems to good to be true—it usually is!


For more on money matters see pages 105-113  Golden Guide Northumberland or see pages 90-98 Golden Guide Newcastle & North Tyneside, 2017