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There are widely differing views about money. Jane Austen thought a large income ‘the best recipe for happiness’,  St Paul says the love of money was ‘the root of all kinds of evil’. Socrates states  ‘‘He is richest who is content with the least.’

For most of us having enough money means we can do the extra things we want to, and also achieve a sense of financial security in going about our daily life.

As we reach retirement it’s likely that income will drop, and though we might aspire to live like Socrates, it’s a sensible idea to take some steps towards achieving the best income we can.

So here are a few suggestions from the Moneymaker, some lighthearted, some more serious, on boosting your income, either by making money in ingenious ways, or by saving it. See what you think and let us know!


Growing your cash   

in collaboration with Rachel Connor of Stepchange Debt Charity


Reclaim lost assets

Millions in unclaimed assets are in forgotten bank accounts, pensions, premium bonds, life insurance and investments. Most are easy to reclaim on your own behalf or for a deceased relative and it’s free—you don’t need to pay a company to do it for you. Visit for bank and building society accounts, National Savings and Investments and Post Office accounts. Go to for pensions. Also see an informative guide at


Donate old clothes for cash

H&M stores run a scheme offering you a £5 voucher to spend in store for each bag of old clothes/fabric items you donate. You can take bags as often as you like though they only give one voucher per transaction. Quality isn’t important as items are for recycling not resale. No shoes.

Make your home a film location

A great way to make extra cash. Film production funding in the UK is tight and scouts are always on the lookout for  locations – often the more ‘normal’ the setting the better. Your house might be just what they’re looking for. My House Your Shoot is an online locations library where you can upload your property to their site. Potential  clients contact homeowners directly so there’s no middle man and no booking or commission fees for bookings made through the site.

NB If you rent your property contact your landlord or housing provider for permission before signing up.


Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pound ought and six, result misery.’ Charles Dickens

‘If plan A fails remember there are 25 more letters.’ Chris Guillebeau


Monitor exams

Come exam season schools and colleges need invigilators on a flexible basis and pay for the hours worked. Whilst they prefer experience of working in a school this is not essential and training is given. However they do require enhanced criminal record checks. Look for these jobs on individual school websites, or at or


Sell your holiday snaps

You don’t have to be a camera wizard to take photos worth paying for. If you have some digital snaps with decent resolution, consider selling them to online agencies such as and  Every time someone buys one of your pictures you’ll get a royalty fee, and the subject matter can cover anything you want (within reason).


Count the votes at polling time

Election time means staff are taken on for polling stations, postal vote opening, counting and as electoral canvassers. Payment varies and may depend on how long the count is likely to last. Contact Northumberland Council’s election services department for details on 0345 600 6400 or email


Become a life model       

You don’t need to have the body of an Adonis to become a work of art.  Life drawing classes require models of all shapes and sizes and may pay around £35 for a couple of hours work. Contact Newcastle Arts Centre on 0191 261 5618, or email Or visit the North Of England Art Club website at


Send a letter to a magazine

Many magazines, such as Take a Break and Chat, love to hear from their readers, because readers like to read about other readers. Sharing your opinions, ideas, recipes and tips could net you a quick £25. If you send an interesting personal story you can earn considerably more. See for all the knowhow or contact the magazines direct.


Write a travel guide

If you’ve been on intrepid adventures or enjoyed sun-soaked escapades (in the UK or elsewhere), then Simon Seeks want to hear from you! They pay people for writing engaging, well thought out travel guides for the discerning explorer. You do not have to be a professional writer—how much you’re paid will depend on how popular your guide is. All you do is sign up and upload your guide to the website at 

Send in your funny home videos

In this age of YouTube, where hours of funny moments are uploaded onto the web, you’d think that ‘You’ve Been Framed’ would be a thing of the past. Think again! The show still offers its classic reward of £250 for any of your funny clips that it uses. Not a bad price to have your embarrassing moments broadcast across the nation.  Find out how to do it at


Flog your number plate

It costs nothing to find out if your number plate is worth a couple of bob. A word, initials and clever numeric puns are all in demand. All you need do is log on to for a free valuation. You can also flog it on eBay,,, or ring National Numbers on 01642 363738.


Cash for cartridges

Any old ink cartridges lying around? Not all brands are eligible, but if they are you can sell them for cash and they will be recycled. For details visit or

DISCLAIMER: The Golden Guide cannot guarantee the success or safety implications of the above mentioned money making tips. They are written to offer ideas and also for entertainment.  NB Please remember to declare all additional income to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC)

See companion feature from the Moneymaker issue …Pruning your Spend.  For more information on money issues and finding money advice see pages 105-109 in the Golden Guide Northumberland or see pages 90-94 in the Golden Guide Newcastle & North Tyneside.