Reducing loneliness Age UK North of Tyne & Gateshead

Chronic loneliness is affecting a growing number of older people in the North East. Age UK estimates that there are over 51,500 people in the North East who are lonely.

Now four Age UKs in Northumberland, Newcastle, North Tyneside and Gateshead, are collaborating to reduce chronic loneliness of older people in the region by raising awareness and encouraging action.

They say ‘Loneliness ruins older people’s quality of life; it can be a debilitating experience increasing feelings of vulnerability, it affects their health and leaves them feeling isolated, depressed and unable to cope with living independently.

Chronic loneliness can be alleviated by society and self-help and our organisations have put it front and centre as a core issue to tackle.’

The organisations have produced a white paper to highlight the invaluable work they are already doing, and also suggest ways in which businesses, charities, health professionals and individuals  can make a real difference.

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For details of befriending schemes see the Golden Guide Northumberland, 2017, pages 77-81 and Golden Guide Newcastle & North Tyneside, 2017, pages 69-71