Independent Age free friendship services

Free friendship services to support you or a loved one

Independent Age provides FREE Friendship Services to help reduce feelings of loneliness in older people. We have a team of volunteers who call people regularly on the telephone, and in some cases visit in person to catch up for a chat and a cup of tea.


How to apply?
If you or a loved one would like to receive a regular call or visit, let us know and we will talk to you about your interests and find someone we think will suit you. That person will then call you regularly (or in some cases visit), and over time you will get to know each other. If you don’t feel the person is quite right for you, we’ll find someone else.


About our volunteers
Our volunteers are people who enjoy listening, talking and getting to know people. They are trained by Independent Age, and have had all the checks you would expect.


Find out more
Visit the Independent Age website at

or call
0800 319 6789 for an informal chat.


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For more on befriending see pages 73-76 in the  Golden Guide Newcastle & North Tyneside 2018  or see pages 72-76 in the Golden Guide Northumberland, 2018