Campaign to End Loneliness in North Tyneside

The Campaign to End Loneliness in North Tyneside is now launched by North Tyneside Council on the SIGN website:

The webpage tells visitors how they can get involved in the campaign and support residents.

It’s simple! There are three things they are asking employees, residents, providers, professionals and SIGN members, to do:

  1. Visit the SIGN Directory online and find out what’s happening in your local area. Get involved in a group or an activity and start to feel the benefits of connecting with new people!
  2. Tell your friends, neighbours and others about the campaign and the SIGN Directory. Support them to get online if you can.
  3. If you run or attend a group, club or activity, tell us about it! You can add it to the SIGN Directory for free.

The SIGN Directory can be found at:

Over the coming months SIGN members will be working hard to get the message out to residents, local businesses, care providers, health professionals and many more. They want to make sure that everyone knows how to help someone who may be feeling lonely or isolated in North Tyneside and make the most of the natural sign-posters within our area.

This campaign follows the success of the Compassionate Frome project launched in 2013 by Helen Kingston, a GP. The project led to a dramatic fall in emergency hospital admissions in the Somerset town of Frome compared with its local neighbouring areas. It used the natural sign-posters within the community to help people access activities, groups and services to reduce their loneliness.  You can watch the video about it here:

SIGN Network members ask everyone to support this key campaign to End Loneliness in North Tyneside this year.

For more on activities, clubs, hobbies and sports for over 50s see pages 6-40 in the Golden Guide Newcastle & North Tyneside 2018 and see pages 6-40 in the Golden Guide N0rthumberland 2019.